Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Trip to Brussels

We were gone for a while, because we've had a lot of work, and a couple of trips, so we've been spending very little time at home! But now we are finally back, and a lot of things have happened.

Let's start with a trip to Brussels, which was one of the awards we won in the Vasco Gala. It was given to us by Kreon (a sponsor of the competition), a brand of lighting products an accessories.

This was the group that travelled, and we saw some excellent projects that used Kreon lights!

One of these places was an architecture studio...

... and we also saw a really fantastic (and luxurious!) showcase apartment featuring a lot of Kreon lights!

This was the view from the apartment building, and in the ground floor - a Spa!!!

It was an amazing trip, we saw some excellent things, and we really thank Kreon for this award!

Monday, 2 June 2014

A new mirror for the bedroom

For a very long time we wanted to have a nice mirror for the make-up table in the bedroom, but as usual we couldn't really find anything that we liked (when we did find something it was usually too expensive!), and fit the style of our apartment, so we decided to make our own!

These are the "ingredients" - a wood panel, lights and fixtures, and some additional tools and electrical things!

First it was necessary to make holes for the lights...

... some simple electrical installation to connect everything...

... and finally we had to glue the mirror!

And this was the result!

It still needs some additional work, we have to find a way to hide all the wires and light fixtures on the back, but we are already quite happy with the result!