Sunday, 16 June 2013

Balcony - part I - by night!

We took some pictures of the balcony at night, and here's how it looks:

 These are solar powered lights - they charge during the day and turn on at night!

Balcony - part I

Now that we are waiting for the missing furniture pieces in the interior, time to take care of the exterior - the balcony! 

We started by painting some old chairs and table in white...  

 ... and this is what they look like in the end!

 We also got a great IKEA sofa!

We think Leeloo enjoys the sun!

Next - we will add some vegetation - but we are still trying to decide which is best! What kind of vases, what kind of plants or bushes... decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


We received our new chairs for the dining table, and we quickly put them together!

The old and the new... 

And this is how it looks both at night and during the day. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A post about doors

The doors featured in the previous post were installed, and here is how they look:

Can you see the sliding door on the right? This is what it does:

It hides the kitchen sink!
(by the way, congratulations to the guys who installed this door - it weighs >100kg!!!)

We also have the door to our bedroom, which is in the same plane as the bathroom door, and looks like it will open towards the corridor, but actually opens to the inside of the bedroom!

An unusual way of assembling a door, but it works perfectly!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Messy again!

More pieces have arrived, and our flat is once again dusty!
(and we're happy to clean it - means more things are done!!!)

We have light in out black bathroom, and a close-up of the excellent concealed hinges of the door
(from the brand Simonswerk Tectus)

Another door frame being prepared (with sticky tape - advanced futuristic technology!!!!)...

... and the doors (and sliding doors) waiting to be installed. The big one had to come in through the balcony, it wouldn't fit the elevator or the staircase!

Messy living room (and Leeloo!)

The kitchen is looking really great, though!