Monday, 28 July 2014

Hot summer days, and some new things have arrived!

It's summer, it's really warm, and lately things have been going slow, but we did get a few new pieces of furniture that we wanted for a very long time!

 The first one is this rocking chair in the same style as the dining room table chairs...

 ... and the second one was a new dining table! We saw a similar one in some website a long time ago and we really liked it, because it matched the style of the chairs. Unfortunately the size of the table was too small, so we actually ordered this one custom-made from a carpenter! 

Meanwhile the plants on our balcony have been growing... a LOT! And they make a really nice visual barrier, gives the balcony a bit more privacy, they make a nice relaxing sound when it's windy, and they look great! I'm only worried if they will survive the winter...

Have a great summer, see you soon!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

New sofa covers and carpet

When we first made the plans for our apartment, we thought of having a white sofa, but ended up buying a grey one because we were afraid that the white one would get very dirty! Fortunately our sofa has changeable covers, and we heard that IKEA will stop selling this sofa model, so we got the white covers before they were gone! And so far, they are not getting very dirty!

The covers are actually very easy to change, and they are washable, so even if they get dirty, it should be ok!

We also ordered a grey carpet from a polish designer, we thought it would look better with the white sofa!

Of course our dogs had to immediately test it...

Two small things, but they really change the look of the living room! It's nice to do these visual changes from time to time.

We hope you liked it, see you soon!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Festiwal Dobrego Smaku in Łódź

This past weekend we went to Łódź for a friend's birthday party, but coincidentally there was an event happening in the city called Festiwal Dobrego Smaku which means something like "festival of good taste". Basically, every participating restaurant and cafe has a special tiny dish prepared for the event, so you go around the city and into various places tasting what they prepare, and in the end you vote!

We went to Spół Dzielnia, which has a great interior, and made a dish with rabbit and wheat rice...

We were also in a place called Lokal, where we had wild boar cooked in some very interesting way...

And then in this placed called Revelo, where we had a more traditional polish sausage and soup!

... and we finished with a lovely coffee and dessert!

We would have loved to keep going and try a lot of other places, but we were full!!! Anyway this was an excellent experience, we'll definitely do it again next year, and we highly recommend it - it's a great way to visit the city and eat delicious food!