Monday, 26 May 2014

Our apartment won first price on the Vasco contest!!!

Wow, what a weekend! When we made the project of our apartment, we decided to have two heaters from the brand Vasco in our living room, and we instantly thought that we should take part in the contest that this brand organizes every year for projects that use their heaters.

Then it turned out we were nominated... and on Saturday it was the awards ceremony, and we won the first prize! And as if that wasn't enough, we also won all the additional awards from the sponsors of the contest! We were in absolute shock, but really grateful for everything. This past year was busy, and it's really amazing to have our work recognized in such a way. For everyone who helped and supported us during this journey, we can't thank you enough!

This is how we found out we were nominated... on the day of the awards show, opening their brochure!

Both of us and my colleague Kasia on stage receiving some of the awards...

And here we are with all the award winners of the night!

I also gave a short interview to the television channel Domo+

And these are some of the pictures we sent, which you might remember from a previous post on this blog!

We are still mind-blown with everything. This was amazing!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Balcony plants

And finally we can show how the balcony looks like! After preparing and painting the vases, and getting all the plants and taking them home, which was quite a long process, I had to put the ground on the vases and place all the flowers. It was really messy, and the balcony was very dirty! I even went to our neighbor downstairs and offered to clean his balcony, because some ground fell down there and made a huge mess on their balcony too! Anyway, after a lot of dirty work it was finally done! Here is the result:

I'm very happy with how it looks in the end! The suggestions of the owner of the greenhouse where we got the plants worked out really great. I hope you like it too, see you soon!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A trip to the flower "shop"!

After preparing our vases and painting them white, it's time for the most important part - getting the flowers for them! First we went to a big flower market outside the city, but we actually didn't find what we were looking for. But by pure luck (or mere accident) we met someone who gave us the contact of his family business, a greenhouse where we would find more variety (their website is We went to check it out, and we were shocked - this place is AMAZING! We took some pictures, here is how it looks like:

 I was just looking around the entrance for some flowers, but inside the greenhouse is huge!

 Endless corridors with flowers, with a clever watering system that comes from an artificial lake located outside, where they collect rainwater!

And the people were so helpful, they helped us prepare a sample in one vase to see what kind of combinations were possible!

This place was really incredible. Now comes the hard part, putting it all together! It's going to be hard work, but I'm sure it will be worth it. More updates soon!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Home decorations and works in the balcony

I like to keep changing the look and decorations inside our apartment, and now that the weather is getting better I'm focusing on the balcony - we got some new large vases and are looking forward to getting some plants!

And I also prepared some small tabletop decorations, made with water and bandages:

We got these 1m long vases to cover the length of the balcony, and they were brown... which I don't mind, but the color didn't match with anything else, so we decided to paint them white!

Soon we'll go and choose the plants for them, and we'll have more pictures!