Saturday, 20 April 2013

Friends visit

I took a group of close friends to see our flat! Here is how it went:

We had some pierogi, sitting on the ground, of course...

Then we had a video call with Ze who is still in the United States. And Michał was happy!

And of course the day could not be over without some silly poses! (we were trying to do a tea kettle, a vase and a barrel!)


  1. Chcem już być tam, no chcem! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the apartment, meet all of you again and have some great Polish & Italian food together ! Will probably happen in in June :) !

    Looks like works are progressing super fast !

    @Nat : Gosia and I (ok, maybe it was only me ..) went through massive reasearches yesterday and found a way to fix your back trouble : instead of going to aerobics here is what you should do (I'm sure Zé will approve) -> less risky (well, depends actually ..) and at least as efficient !

    Ciao !

    1. Edo how thoughtful of you! I think I know what kind of "unconventional" medicine you are offering Gosia :)