Monday, 1 July 2013

Andalucia - Holidays in Spain (part 1)

We've been away from the blog for a week because we were in Spain! Here are some images!

 A very typical symbol of that region...

The village we stayed in, called Castellar de la Frontera 

We witnessed the holiday of San Juan, when they make huge bonfires! 

The castle of Castellar, with some beautiful views of the surrounding areas. 

Narrow streets and shops with various spices! 

We went to the city of Ronda by train and noticed hundreds of storks along the way! 

Ronda has truly spectacular views. 

Great vistas everywhere, and some nice details! ;-) 

This is the city of Cadiz, seen from the top of a tower...

 ... that had a camera obscura!

And we spent a great evening in Tarifa, that has some excellent beaches.

More pictures soon!

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  1. Absolutely terrific pictures guys !! Hope you had a great time !!

    Good vibes from Paris !

    P.S. : You brought back some of that wine, right ?