Wednesday, 6 November 2013

DIY Sofa Tray

Both me and Ze enjoy sitting on the sofa while reading a book, browsing the internet, or just relaxing. And we always have something to drink, or to eat, and we don't have anywhere to put it! And spills happen... they happen so much, in fact, that originally we had planned on buying a white sofa, but ended up with a gray one!

Well, not anymore! We decided to do something about it, and came up with a simple and very useful plan!

Two pieces of wood, and some oil to protect it afterwards.

Connect the two pieces together with some screws...

And done, a simple yet very useful tray for our sofa! No more spills!


  1. Proste a jakie praktyczne i fajne! :)

    1. Ja już nie mogę doczekać się Waszej następnej wizyty u nas :)

  2. wow - mega fajne :D dawno nie byłem, muszę nadrobić w poniedziałek :D