Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A House for Leeloo

About a year ago, when making the 3D images with the project of our apartment, we designed (just for fun) a little house for our dog which looked nice, and at the time we both thought "we should actually try to make it someday!" Well, we finally decided to do it!

 Here are all the necessary pieces...

 And after a lot of sawing, sanding, screwing and gluing...

 ... it was done!

 While making this authentic palace for her, Leeloo was obviously more interested in her ball :)

And this is the final result! And yes, she doesn't "trust" this house yet, but it's changing slowly!

All that's left according to the original plan is to paint it white... which will help hide the imperfections (and there are a lot of them)!


  1. Amazing! Great idea! p.s nadal nie ogarnęłam zdjęć mojej lampy z Leroy Merlin zgapionej od Was! ;) ale są plany i postanowienia na nowy rok ;) pozdrawiam

  2. Jesteście mega zdolni! amiawiam takie domki dla Gapci i Matyldki!

  3. Replies
    1. No kto wie... Tylko rozmiary inne :) Ciekawe czy Procio też by się próbował wcisnąć jak w posłanie Matyldy? :)

  4. Replies
    1. Bardzo dziękujemy.
      Pozdrawiamy Z&N i Leeloo :)

  5. Super!!!!!!!!! Leeloo pewnie się cieszy tylko jeszcze o tym nie wie:)

    1. Dziekujęmy!
      Leeloo cieszy się radością ukrytą :)