Thursday, 6 February 2014

Slow cold weeks!

Last couple of weeks it has been freezing (now it's much better), so between a lot of work and hiding under blankets to keep warm, we didn't do a lot. But there's always news!

First we attempted to do something that Ze saw online some time ago, a sort of "ice candle".

You start by filling a water balloon and freezing it outside...

... and then making a hole through the middle of it, and place a candle there!

This is a lot more difficult than it looks... as the ice melts around the hot candle, the water often puts out the fire! So we had to re-light it again a couple of times.

But in the end it does give an interesting effect...

We also got some small decorations for our bedroom, and added a transparent fabric over the bed...

... and we now have a second dog! We noticed our first dog Leeloo was a bit lonely during the day, so she now has a friend (called Mucha - spelled "moo-ha") to play with and keep her company. Of course, right now they are still jealous of each other and often fight for our attention, but they are slowly starting to play together! So hopefully they will get along great.

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