Thursday, 13 March 2014

Life change and presents from friends

I recently had a big life change - I quit my job, and I am planning on starting my own company! On my last day of work, my friends who I worked with for several years made me a surprise and gave me some gifts!

A card and some accessories from a shop which I really like!

Meanwhile we are all patiently awaiting for spring to arrive! And with this new adventure there is a lot of work to do, let's hope everything goes well... keep your fingers crossed! First thing - make a website for the new company... I hope I'll be able to share it with you soon!


  1. Hurry up! And the best of luck for the new adventure :)

    1. Thank You Tania :)
      I will show my website soon.

  2. nie pojawiło się moje poprzednie pytanie. Czy to dywan z ikei?

  3. Trzymam kciuki! I czekam z utęsknieniem na stronkę! :) I kolejne posty! :)