Monday, 28 July 2014

Hot summer days, and some new things have arrived!

It's summer, it's really warm, and lately things have been going slow, but we did get a few new pieces of furniture that we wanted for a very long time!

 The first one is this rocking chair in the same style as the dining room table chairs...

 ... and the second one was a new dining table! We saw a similar one in some website a long time ago and we really liked it, because it matched the style of the chairs. Unfortunately the size of the table was too small, so we actually ordered this one custom-made from a carpenter! 

Meanwhile the plants on our balcony have been growing... a LOT! And they make a really nice visual barrier, gives the balcony a bit more privacy, they make a nice relaxing sound when it's windy, and they look great! I'm only worried if they will survive the winter...

Have a great summer, see you soon!

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