Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Festiwal Dobrego Smaku in Łódź

This past weekend we went to Łódź for a friend's birthday party, but coincidentally there was an event happening in the city called Festiwal Dobrego Smaku which means something like "festival of good taste". Basically, every participating restaurant and cafe has a special tiny dish prepared for the event, so you go around the city and into various places tasting what they prepare, and in the end you vote!

We went to Spół Dzielnia, which has a great interior, and made a dish with rabbit and wheat rice...

We were also in a place called Lokal, where we had wild boar cooked in some very interesting way...

And then in this placed called Revelo, where we had a more traditional polish sausage and soup!

... and we finished with a lovely coffee and dessert!

We would have loved to keep going and try a lot of other places, but we were full!!! Anyway this was an excellent experience, we'll definitely do it again next year, and we highly recommend it - it's a great way to visit the city and eat delicious food!

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