Monday, 2 December 2013

DIY - Coffee Table

Recently we've been looking for a coffee table, but we were never sure which one would be the best choice for our living room... but we did like very much an idea that is becoming popular recently, of using a section of a tree as a small table. And because we really like the mixture of natural wood colors in our white interior, we thought this would be the perfect choice!

A big thank you to Łukasz who got us the wood pieces, and to my parents for all the help preparing them!

This is how the pieces looked in the beginning, with me, Ze, and my parents all working to remove the bark!

After the bark was removed, we left the pieces to dry for two weeks, and then it was time to polish the wood with sand paper, to remove the splinters and some of the stains.

More polish, with Leeloo's supervision, of course...

And some more polish (and lots of dust!)

And this is the result!

And now there are several choices: painting the pieces with some colors, maybe paint only the top, or only the sides, or leave the natural color and protect the wood with an oil, or even darken the wood with a colored oil... we don't know what to do! Any suggestions? :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hej:) Masz sugestię co do wykończenia? Pomalować na biało czy zostawić naturalne?

  2. Ooo, i wszystko jasne. Ręczna robota :D Świetny efekt!

  3. Osobiście zostawiłabym jak jest, ociepli Wam to wnętrze. Ostatecznie można chlapnąć "blaty" na kolor.

    1. Chyba tak właśnie zrobimy. Naturalny kolor drewna pasuje do krzeseł barowych oraz nóżek od krzeseł :)