Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Presents and Table Decorations

This year we will have two Christmas dinners: last weekend my family was here with us, and next week we'll go to Portugal to visit Ze's family. This was also the first time my grandmothers saw our apartment... I was quite stressed preparing the house and making it pretty for their visit! Because not all grandparents are fans of concrete floors, I wanted to make sure they wouldn't have a heart attack! :)

We packed the presents - this year we have lots of gold and red details in our decorations, so we chose the same color for the paper and bows.

 This is the present from my mother - she made this wool pillow cover by herself!

Obviously a more formal and elegant decoration than the last party :)


  1. Równie piękna i miła była atmosfera. Babcie zachwycone, a rodzice bardzo dumni ze swoich dzieci.